What is a special purpose financial report? In accounting-speak it is a financial report that is not a general purpose financial report. It seems obvious that such reports are prepared for a special purpose. This leads to the view that the purpose for which they are prepared should be clearly stated. 


A special purpose report includes any form of financial report prepared to fulfil that purpose. Suitable forms may range from a schedule of numbers to a full set of financial statements prepared using double-entry books of account. Special purpose financial statements are mostly made for internal users i.e. management, those charged with governance or for limited external users i.e. governments and banks.

Examples of Special Purpose Reports

1. Tax compliance purposes. 

2. Financial Statements for Leasing Pupose

3. Financial Analysis for Performance Evaluation

4. Preparation of Financial Statements for Acquisition/Mergers.

5. Assets Valuation for Internal/External Use.


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