Customers are the most valuable asset to BSNS Consulting's ultimate goal is to provide them with a flexible approach and accessible services. We go one step beyond the consulting services by complementing our clients with outsourcing services. Outsourcing services enable customers to experience lower costs and efficient use of technology and resources, all while having access to the industry’s best practices.


BSNS Consulting also gives its clients an option to outsource some of their business function for which they do not have any expertise or they cannot afford to hire experts for that services. We provide following outsourcing services to our clients:

  • Book-Keeping Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Taxation Services
  • Internal Audit/Statutory Audit
  • Statutory Fillings


To find out more about the Outsourcing Services we can offer you, just call on +92 (51) 486 1774 or email