Payroll is the least strategic and most time consuming aspects of our organization.  Outsource your company’s payroll services with BSNS Consulting and save your time and money. Our payroll experts will handle all your company’s payroll work expeditiously and cost effectively.


Our Payroll Outsourcing Services include:

  • Initial set-up of Payroll details such as employee’s name, grade, basic salary etc.
  • Maintaining & updating of employees personal files.
  • Advising or drafting local work contracts.
  • Computing and preparing payroll of each month with the records given by management.
  • Preparing Payroll Register.
  • Preparing Pay Slips for each employee.
  • Transferring salary to the bank.
  • Preparation of any reports or letters related with payroll function.
  • Deduction and payment of payroll taxes to concerned regulatory authority.


To find out more about the Payroll Outsourcing Services we can offer you, just call on +92 (51) 486 1774 or email